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Which Night Is Your Sunday Dinner?

Research shows that environment plays a part in overweight and obesity.  For example, children learn to eat what and how their parents eat.  If mom and dad eat refined junk food, children will also eat this type of food. If mom and dad eat in front of the TV, children learn to eat here as well.  Additionally, there is an association between an absence of family meals and the type of food consumed.  In households with fewer family meals, there is less consumption of fruits and vegetables and more consumption of fried food and carbonated beverages (which leads to overweight and obesity).  So, if you are eating meals out frequently, begin increasing your family's health today by committing to this one change.

Pick at least one night of the week and consider it your Sunday Dinner night.  Treat this meal as a sacred occurrence, one in which all family members are expected to attend, where no negativity is allowed, and where everyone is involved in some way in the meal's preparation and clean-up.  Invite all family members to choose an age-appropriate task(s), whether it be your 2-year-old helping with the stirring or your 15-year-old making the salad.  Those who would rather not cook or set-up may choose to clean up. 

Prepare a healthy meal, set the table as if it was a special event, and use the time spent cooking and eating to learn more about each other's lives.  Sunday Dinner's will become a nourishing and nurturing time for you and your family.


Wish I'd had you around when I was raising my son. I know I've given him some awful habits and tastes that get in the way of living a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for your great new website, Debbie!

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