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Offering a holistic approach to eating - addressing the what, why, and how we eat.


I am a Professional Counselor specializing in motivation and behavior change. Additionally, I have a strong background as a Food Educator and have studied nutrition extensively. My passion is healthy eating and its impact on wellness.

I have also been an adjunct professor of Psychology and Human Development. As a result of my training in behavior, I have a deep appreciation of the how and why behind our eating. I know that changing our diet involves changing our thinking. Diet and behavior are tightly interwoven and must be changed together.

Through my background as an Interior Decorator (in a previous lifetime), I believe in the importance of creating a nurturing environment in which to eat nourishing food.

It is my mission to help everyone, especially children, to be the best they can be through healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices.

Please join me in this mission by sharing tips, recipes, and your own personal accomplishments in achieving optimal wellness.

Eat well and enjoy!